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Sharon Westenhofer

Executive Studio Director/SBK Accompanist

While doing volunteer work for the Orange Unified Schools, Sharon Westenhofer observed the lack of music and theatre opportunities for children, so in 1985 developed Show Biz Kids and Tuneful Tots for her sons, Peter and Erik, and other interested youngsters. The Music Room (TMR) has continued to grow and provide additional arts opportunities for our community including the development of a comprehensive dance program. Known around the studio as Mrs. Westy, she has become a second mom/grandmother to many and the safe space she has created provides a second home to thousands of theatre and dance kids. As TMR’s Executive Director, she helps manage staffing decisions, fundraising projects, day-to-day operations, and expansion plans. Also, she is an integral part of our SBK program, playing the piano, and leading a live band for our full-stage SBK productions. Mrs. Westy is originally from Michigan and has her B.S. Degree in Education from Eastern Michigan University. She thoroughly enjoys spending time with her sons, daughters-in-law, Joyce and Heather, her two sweet granddaughters, Billie and Lilly, and all of her Music Room “family” and friends.

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Areas of Expertise

Show Biz Kids, Piano