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Parent Portal

You can log into your Parent Portal account to enroll in new classes, see your current balance, pay your current balance, and more. The Parent Portal can also be accessed through the TMR app on your phone.


Classes are billed monthly with payments due by the 1st of each month. An email to remind families to log on to their account to view the upcoming tuition and fees is sent a few days prior to the end of the month. A $15 LATE FEE may be assessed for tuition payments received after the 10th of the month. A full month’s tuition is due for all months from September through the end of July (or June for SBK-only students).

Note: Tuition is not refunded for missed classes. Dance students can make-up missed classes by attending another class equal to their level. Email the studio at dance@themusicroomtmr.com to arrange for a make-up class. In the event a student needs to drop a class, it must be dropped BEFORE the first of the month by emailing the studio at dance@themusicroomtmr.com or admin@themusicroomtmr.com. If not, the tuition obligation must still be fulfilled for that month.

Dance Class

Tuition Fees

*Dance Auditioned Classes
Dance Company: SR, JR, SO & FR$92/month
Dance Company: Prep$65/month
Tap Prep & Ensembles$65/month
Hip-Hop Prep & Ensembles$65/month
Adv. Contemporary Jazz$80/month
*Dance Regular Classes
1st Regular Class**$60/month
2nd Regular Class$50/month
3rd Regular Class$40/month
4th, 5th, 6th Regular Class$30/month
(After 6th regular dance class, 
no additional tuition is charged) 
**Ballet ¾ & 4 Classes (1.5 hr)

Show Biz Kids (Sbk) Class Tuition Fees

*SBK Auditioned Classes
SBK – Ensemble$155/month
SBK – Auditioned 2$95/month
SBK – Auditioned 1$85/month
*SBK Non-Auditioned Classes
SBK – Non-Auditioned 1 & 2$70/month

Specialty Classes/Workshops

Tuneful Tots (50 mins.)Call Studio
Vocal Class – In-Studio (1 hr)TBD
Call Studio for information on Private Instruction for Piano, Instrumental, Dance or Vocal

Sibling Discount: First student pays full fees, additional sibling(s) receives 10% discount per month only on “regular” classes. Discount does not cross over between DANCE and SBK.



SBK “Royalty Fee” – $50 per actor/ per show event, billed in October & March
SBK Show Fee – Non-Auditioned-$40, Auditioned 1-$45, Auditioned 2 & Ensemble-$55 per actor/per show
SBK Costume Fee – Non-Auditioned-$50, Auditioned 1-$60, Auditioned 2 & Ensemble-$70 per actor/per show
Comp Dance Costumes – $90 per costume ($50 deposit billed mid-October & $40 balance billed mid-December)
Recital Dance Costumes – $80 per costume ($40 deposit billed mid-March & $40 balance billed mid-May)
Dance Show Fee – $45 per dancer, billed mid-February

Registration &

Billing Policies

All students are required to pay a registration fee each year, accompanied by a $40 Registration Fee, for general enrollment in all classes. 
Tuition will post to your account each month on the 25th for the next month’s tuition. Families will be emailed once tuition has been posted. Tuition and applicable fees are due by the first of the month. TMR will run the autopayments on the first. Please log on to your account between the 25th and the end of the month to verify your account charges look accurate and if you are not on autopay, make your payment (or plan to bring in a check/cash to the studio). A late fee of $15 may be assessed if not received by the 10th of the month.
The monthly flat rate will be billed, regardless of how many weeks are in that month. 
Dance tuition is paid from September to July. SBK tuition is charged from September to June. (An actor can drop their SBK class in March if they are not doing the spring show or can join in late February if they did not do our winter show.)
TMR will only credit students for classes that have been canceled by TMR (unless they are rescheduled). 
In the event a student needs to drop a class, it must be dropped BEFORE the first of the month by emailing the studio at admin@themusicroomtmr.com or dance@themusicroomtmr.com. If we do not receive cancellation in writing, the tuition obligation must still be fulfilled for that month. A student notifying a teacher is not sufficient.
New dance students are encouraged to contact us at dance@themusicroomtmr.com to discuss enrollment options. All level 1 classes can be enrolled in. Other classes require placement. We can arrange for class trials.
Returning dancers may continue at last year’s class level, or refer to the Dance Pre-Approved classes emailed separately. It will only show recommendations for classes that students participated in last year. 
All Dance Company, Tap Ensemble & Hip-Hop Ensemble students are required to re-audition for placement. SBK actors are only required to audition if a student wants to change class placement for this upcoming season.
All billing and account questions can be directed to Penny Kim at admin@themusicroomtmr.com.