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Show Biz Kids (SBK) Philosophy

Here at The Music Room, our main goal is to create a family oriented and safe environment for students to thrive in as they learn to be well-rounded Musical Theatre Performers. We have specifically curated our program to have rehearsals on Mondays over the course of our rehearsal process because we encourage our students to participate in other extracurriculars at their schools or outside of school.

2023-24 SBK Main Stage Season

For all the shows:

Winter Main Stage Production:


February 8-10, 2024

Spring Main Stage Production:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

June 20-22, 2024

(For Summer productions, refer to the “Summer at TMR” tab for information)

SBK Main Stage Productions

Our SBK Main Stage productions rehearse on Mondays, starting the Monday after Labor Day through mid-June. Students participate in two full theatrical productions each year – a winter production in late January/mid-February and a spring production in June.  Students can leave the program after the winter production or join in February for our spring production. TMR developed our SBK program to foster a family environment and allow students as young as five years old to be part of a large production. Each class has at least one dedicated number where the students will learn specific choreography for their song. As students move through the auditioned classes, they will receive more time on stage and responsibility. The principal roles of our shows are auditioned for with students in our “SBK Ensemble” Class.

Each production is held in a theatrical setting and features beautiful sets and costumes – and we strive for a live musical ensemble. We determine our performance calendar each year, by checking with New York and seeing which shows are available for us to produce.

SBK Main Stage

Classes Offered


(5-9 years old)
Students are required to take an additional class in Leaps & Turns and Ballet.

  • 4:00-5:00 pm on Mondays
  • Non-audition, open enrollment class


(9+ years old)

  • 5:00-6:00 pm on Mondays
  • Non-audition, open enrollment class


(7+ years old)

  • 5:00-6:15 pm on Mondays
  • Requires an audition to enroll


(10+ years old)

  • 6:00-7:30 pm on Mondays
  • Requires an audition to enroll

BK Ensemble

(7th-12th graders)

  • 6:45-9:15 pm on Mondays plus 1-3 possible Saturday rehearsals
  • Requires an audition to enroll

Placement in our “auditioned” SBK classes is determined by our SBK staff. Each student is carefully evaluated based on talent and maturity level. The grades and ages listed above for the auditioned classes represent the typical makeup for each of these classes but not an absolute. On occasion, a student may be moved up into the next class “before” the age/grade listed above or students may not make the Ensemble class until they reach high school.

Auditioning for SBK Class Placement

Auditions for placement in SBK 2, SBK 3, and SBK Ensemble typically take place each year on the Saturday morning after Labor Day. (Our rehearsals start the Monday after Labor Day.) If you are joining SBK for our spring show, an audition date will be announced in January, as we wrap up our winter show. Email us at to reserve your audition spot.

Students (ages 7 – 18 years) that are interested in being in SBK 2, SBK 3, or SBK Ensemble, must audition for possible placement.  Unless a student is interested in moving to a more advanced auditioned class, they are not required to re-audition each year.  Children younger than 7 years old or who are not interested in auditioning, should sign-up for the age appropriate SBK 1 Class (at either 4 pm or 5 pm). If you miss our September audition date, you should call the studio or email us at to discuss your situation with us so we can make a plan to either have you formally audition another time or come to one of our SBK 1 Classes for the directors to assess. Our SBK Ensemble class will hold dance auditions for the winter production on that first Monday of rehearsal so any students who want to be in SBK Ensemble need to have auditioned prior to this rehearsal. 

Our student placements are typically for the entire year. We only offer mid-year auditions for new students (including former SBK students who were not in the winter performance and who are not sure which class they should be placed in). Students are not allowed to audition in September and again in February.

In August, a SBK Audition Clinic is presented by our SBK staff prior to the actual audition day. This clinic explains our audition process and gives children the opportunity to participate in a “mock” audition. The Audition Clinic is typically held the Monday prior to Labor day from 6-7:30 pm with potential Ensemble actors staying until 8 pm. Registration is not required but it does help us better plan for the clinic. Email us to confirm this year’s date and sign-up for the Audition Clinic. Students are encouraged (although not required) to participate in the clinic. There is a $25 cost to attend the clinic. 

SBK Jr. 

The Show Biz Kids Jr. program was created for our younger artists (3rd-8th grade) to give them a chance to take on bigger roles during the school year. This program meets for 2.5 hours on Fridays for a couple months to produce a “Kids” production of their favorite shows. These “Kids” productions are abbreviated versions of full length shows and are often 30-45 minutes long. The SBK Jr. productions are performed in-studio on a stage we erect in our warehouse. Intimate and homely, our SBK Jr. productions help young performers find confidence and practice their performance skills. 

Any student within that third to eighth grade range can sign up, and on the first day the directors have informal auditions to start the rehearsal process right away. All kids get to explore performing on their own without a class ensemble, as kids often get their own line or solo in songs.  

2023-24 SBK Jr. Season
Fall SBK Jr. Production: Frozen Kids
December 15, 2023

Spring SBK Jr. Production: Jungle Book Kids
May 17, 2024

(For Summer productions, refer to the “Summer at TMR” tab for information)