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Along with our recreational dance classes that participate in our annual dance recital in July, we also have award winning Dance Competition Teams. These teams are part of our overall dance program and begin classes/rehearsals in September and are part of our annual dance recital in mid-July. In addition, our goal is to have our teams compete in three dance competitions each year. These teams provide our students with added opportunities to perform and celebrate their love of dance! An added bonus is the success that our studio achieves year after year as they showcase their creative efforts! 

See below for a list of the teams we offer. There is a weekly dedicated class rehearsal for each team. In addition to the weekly class, all Company Teams and ACJ are required to take two additional classes: Ballet and Leaps & Turns. Please contact Lisa Morgan at for more information on our program, including additional fees associated with dancing on a team.

2023-24 Dance Competition Schedule
Spotlight: March 1-3, 2024
Rainbow: April 19-21, 2024
KAR: April 26-28, 2024
Adrenaline Optional Dance Convention: March 8-10, 2024


To join a competition team, all dancers must audition/re-audition each year. Auditions are open to all dancers ages 9+ (by August 1). Not all dancers who audition are guaranteed a spot on a team. Even if the judges feel that your dancer is not ready for a team, being part of the audition process can be a great learning experience. We encourage all dancers who want to be a part of our competitive dance program to audition.

For the 2024-25 year, auditions will take place the weekend of July 6 & 7.
Saturday, July 6 @ 9:30 am – 12:30 pm: All COMPANY Teams/ACJ
Saturday, July 6 @ 3-5 pm: HIP HOP teams
Sunday, July 7 @ 2-4 pm: TAP teams

The deadline to register for auditions is Friday, June 28. Please email to get more info on the audition process and/or to register.

Audition Clinics

Our teachers offer optional dance clinics leading up to auditions. These clinics will help dancers become familiar with our team teachers and will give dancers the opportunity to understand a little of what the audition process will entail. All clinics are optional, and the cost is $25/clinic. You do not need to pre-register for clinics. Contact us at with questions. Below is a schedule of the offered audition clinics for this year:

Friday, June 28 @12-13:30 pm: All COMPANY Teams/ACJ
Friday, June 28 @ 2-3:30 pm: HIP HOP
Saturday, June 29 @ 10-11:30 am: TAP



(audition required for all)

Dance Companies

Ages vary (all 9+)
Students are required to take an additional class in Leaps & Turns and Ballet.

  • Senior Company 
  • Junior Company 
  • Teen Company
  • Preparatory Company

Tap Ensembles

Ages vary (all 9+)

  • Preparatory Tap Ensemble
  • Tap Ensemble 1
  • Tap Ensemble 2

Hip Hop Ensembles

Ages vary (all 9+)

  • Preparatory Hip Hop Ensemble
  • Hip Hop Ensemble 1
  • Hip Hop Ensemble 2

Advanced Contemporary Jazz (ACJ) Team

Ages vary (all 9+)

  • Students are required to take an additional class in Leaps & Turns and Ballet.